Yummy Lactation Cookies

Now I am not breast feeding, nor do I have a baby to breastfeed, but I made these upon the request of my friend and I even loved them! They are a lot like regular cookies, there are just a few ingredients that need to be added into the mix!

I normally add oats to my cookies but I added it in here because not every recipe calls for them! The flax seed I put in oatmeal because it doesn’t have too much of a flavor, same with inside the cookie. Now the brewer’s yeast on the other hand, definitely gives it a yeasty flavor. Not bad, but it’s not what you are used to in a cookie. But honestly, I really liked them!

Another ingredient I added that the recipe doesn’t call for are M&M’s! Definitely added a sweet touch! I’ve made this recipe twice, first time with chocolate chips, second time with M&M’s; the M&M’s just complete it! It added the right amount of sweetness and texture! But all around delicious for a lactation cookie!

Here is the Link for the recipe I used: Lactation Cookies


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